Damon Amyx (damyx) wrote,
Damon Amyx

Night view of Frankfurt

Night view from the Moevenpick Frankfurt Hotel, Germany
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Long time no see :]
Thanks! More are coming.

And you're right, it sure has been a while. According to LJ, my last post was 58 weeks ago.
Gorgeous!!!! I love Frankfurt. :)
Thank you! Are we acquainted in some way I'm forgetting?
um...yeah...Don't you remember last night? You told me it was the best night of your life! Ugh...just like a man to forget. *sigh*

LOL...Actually...You commented on my journal a looooong time ago...and I was reading some of my old posts and saw a comment you had left me (and I thought your user pic was cute) so I went to your LJ. I guess we might have known each other through the "genderqueer" community years ago? I'm not sure. I think that's the only community we have in common... ;)