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»          WoW Plague Mirrors a Real Epidemic [   »  2007 08 21 | 16:20  ]
"This was the first time that a virtual virus has infected a virtual human being in a manner resembling an actual epidemiological event," said Professor Fefferman.

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[   »  2007 06 25 | 00:33  ]
I went on an 'urban hike' today, wandering around much more of San Francisco than I'd planned, going up and down several hills - I took my camera, and didn't capture anything brilliant, but I got an OK shot of downtown SF from Bernal Park:

largeish photoCollapse )
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[   »  2007 05 08 | 01:09  ]

April 22, 2006
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[   »  2007 05 01 | 01:48  ]

Point Reyes, CA
April 22, 2006, 8:28 AM

Canon Digital Rebel XT
1/50 sec. - f/7.1 - iso 100
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[   »  2007 04 20 | 00:24  ]

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[   »  2007 04 19 | 02:51  ]
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[   »  2007 04 16 | 02:04  ]

It snowed again today - a big wintery storm. Rain to snow to rain to snow to sleet - there's been a little bit of just about everything today.
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»          Informal Poll [   »  2007 03 16 | 15:05  ]
so I went to kmart, and now I have this shopping bag. on its side, it says "shop anytime on kmart.com."

So the question is: would you (and I mean you personally) say

(a) shop anytime on kmart.com; or
(b) shop anytime at kmart.com?
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[   »  2007 02 12 | 23:34  ]

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[   »  2007 01 22 | 21:22  ]
A beautiful snow is falling right now. The flakes are light and silent and accumulate almost imperceptibly. It is the kind of snow you only get when it is cold and calm; they are the six-sided, reflective snowflakes that cover Christmas decorations. I went out on my deck and admired them with a flashlight. Many of them fell from the sky to the railing of my deck still perfect, with all six points intact, myriad shapes and sizes. Little feathery wisps, hexagonal mirrors, miniature Stars of David. The ground sparkles as I walk.
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»          one down, three to go [   »  2006 12 13 | 23:23  ]
Well, I made it through my Contracts exam. It was a bit more wearing than it needed to be, because it began a half hour late. Since we're supposed to get there fifteen minutes early, that meant that everyone was sitting around and waiting for three quarters of an hour before we actually got things under way.

I breezed through the multiple choice section (30% of the grade) in about half an hour, and then spent three and a half hours hacking my way through the essays. It was tougher than I thought it might be, and I definitely didn't get everything in there. I have a tough time dealing with ambiguities in the fact patterns - I know the rules well enough, and I can apply them in clear situations, but it's a different matter when there are multiple and sometimes contradictory ways of interpreting a situation. Almost no one finished early. It really took four hours to complete that exam.

Next up: Civil Procedure on Friday. I'm much less worried about that one - but I might change my tune after I get out of the thing.
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»          more freaky weather [   »  2006 11 30 | 22:10  ]
Once again, it's warmer in Vermont than California. It's 50 degrees in San Jose right now, and 62 degrees here in South Royalton. My windows are open because it's warmer outside than it is in my apartment.
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»          "city-state" redefined [   »  2006 11 19 | 17:15  ]

“It attains the critical mass of a small city,” Mr. Scheeren said. “It becomes a collective in its own right.”
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[   »  2006 11 16 | 19:47  ]
It's 65 degrees outside right now. 8 PM in mid-November. In Vermont.

We're getting a storm system coming up from the south right now - there's a huge string of thunderstorms traveling north from Florida. (Weather usually comes from the north, traveling south.) It's really bizarre. The overnight low is predicted to be about 58 degrees, which is warmer than it's been any time of the day in weeks. The temperature now is warmer than it's been at all in at least a month, probably more, and a good 20 degrees warmer than many afternoons have been.

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[   »  2006 11 03 | 20:29  ]
Kent's Ledge round-trip time: 40 minutes, 10 seconds.

My time going up was almost the same as last time (24 minutes), but I cut off a few minutes coming back down because I ran the whole way (except for the steep rocky/slimy parts, where running is an invitation to death).

I think I'll be able to bring it under 40 next time, as long as I don't have to retie my damn shoe four times like I did today.

Now if only I knew how long it is. If I was going four miles an hour on the way up, that makes it 1.6 miles, and it would mean my jogging pace coming back down was 6 miles an hour. This sounds about right.
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[   »  2006 11 03 | 10:30  ]
This morning has been weird so far.

We had a rescheduled Con Law class, so I had to get up an hour earlier than I usually do on Fridays. We met in a different room, which made the whole experience feel funny. We talked about fundamental rights, reproductive rights and the right to privacy in Griswold v. Connecticut, and the "penumbra" of the rights protected in the Bill of Rights. (I said "rights" a lot of times in that paragraph.)

At the last moment of class, as we were being dismissed, someone shouted, "Hey, Contracts is cancelled!" Disbelief erupted, but it turned out to be true - which is why I'm here writing this now.

It's good because now I have plenty of time to do my reading for Torts, but it's annoying because, well, I actually want to learn Contracts. I feel like we haven't really gone anywhere in the past week, and it's getting frustrating.

Later this afternoon, perhaps after Torts, I'm planning to go up Kent's Ledge. I made the round trip in 44 minutes on Monday, though I don't think I'll be able to beat that today - too little sleep for proper energy output, and the angst that was fueling me on Monday isn't really there today. That was the last real exercise I got, though, and I need some more.

I've been really missing the hiking around San Jose lately. It's ironic that the hiking should be so much better in a dense urban area than in an isolated rural area, but such is the case. Around here, there are about three places to go hiking that don't involve driving 20 miles or more. There isn't nearly the variety of environments that there is in the Bay Area. Part of what made hiking so much fun when living in San Jose was that there were so many varied places nearby - here, it's pretty much all about Kent's Ledge (absent long drives). Now that frisbee season is over, I may have to take up some other kind of exercise... all I can think of is jogging, and I suck at that, and I don't even like it, but it's better than getting flabby.

I don't know if I've posted this picture before, but I don't care - it's from a place I've been thinking of a lot lately, Almaden Quicksilver -

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[   »  2006 09 23 | 15:01  ]
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[   »  2006 09 09 | 10:31  ]
My kitchen sink is currently out of commission.Collapse )
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»          few frisbee pix [   »  2006 09 06 | 23:43  ]
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»          big pixure [   »  2006 08 10 | 17:03  ]

ZeroOne: A Festival of Light

This is from an event called "D-K San Jose" by Akira Hasegawa, San Jose City Hall, August 8, 2008. Numerous projectors were set up around the glass-domed rotunda of San Jose's City Hall and projected a changing mosaic of thousands of images onto the surrounding buildings. This is part of the larger ZeroOne festival of art and technology. D-K San Jose will be continuing in the evenings through tomorrow night, 9PM to 2AM.
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